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Clive Siegner has been involved in ITC work for over ten years. He was born in London, Ontario and he currently lives in Tavistock, Ontario. His parents were both born in Tavistock. His father was a linotype operator at the London Free Press and his mother worked at Labatts..

About Clive Siegner

Reconnective Healing, practitioner of PsychK.

Instrumental Trans Communication, (ITC) was coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer more generally to communication through any sort of electronic device such as tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living.

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Clive is the author of five books: Whose Program Are You Running, Recording Conversations With Spirits, Recording Conversations With Oclamenta (The Extraterrestrial), Further Recordings With Sleeping People, and People Who Knew Jesus Before and After His Crucifiction He is now working on a sixth book that will be released soon.