first love


Have you ever heard someone say “you never
forget your first love”? Well, I would like to share
with you my own ITC (Instrumental Trans
Communication) experience about this, and as far
as I am concerned, LOVE NEVER DIES.

Whose Program are you running?

Have you ever looked at a friend of yours and thought he/she talks or acts just like his/her mother or father? Chances are they have been programmed by them and by others from early in the womb to about age 7. During this time everything perceived by the infant goes into the subconscious part of the brain and is considered absolute truth. This is similar to the programs you put into the hard drive of a computer. You cannot change how they run unless you know the program.

All of us to some degree have been programmed by others in this manner. A lot of it is positive and necessary for our growth and protection. However, some of it may be negatively programmed by others and our early life experiences. The problem arises because these negative programs are stored in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind uses about 95% of our brain’s capacity. This leaves little room for the conscious mind to recognize you are using someone else’s program.

This book will give you some insight on how to recognize unwanted subconscious programs and how to change or eliminate them.

Recording Conversations with Spirits

Ever since people discovered how to record sound waves, they have been able to record conversations with those who have passed. They did this by recording voices over the sound they were using. This sound could be radio static, rain drops, the surf etc. This has been called EVP. Recently this has been improved by using the human voice as the sound source. This is called ITC.

I have discovered that I could record conversations with both the Spirits of people who were sleeping and those who have died. A summary of my findings is in this book, plus an opportunity for you to hear some of them yourself.

Recording Conversations With Oclamenta (The Extraterrestrial)

Are Extraterrestrials real is a big question? Many of our Scientists believe they are and many believe they are not. What is true depends on the amount of evidence that can either prove or disprove their existence. Many people state they have observed unidentified flying objects, including a former pilot friend of mine. I am an Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) Researcher and an emerging Medium, who previously had no idea that an Extraterrestrial (ET) could be contacted and ITC recordings could be made. Because of the prodding from my Spiritual Guides I was able to contact and record conversations with the ET Oclamenta. What follows is list of the recorded answers I received from her grouped into various categories. I know that this experience has taught me that Extraterrestrials do exist, there are different Species of Extraterrestrials and Oclamenta’s people mean no harm to Humans. In fact, they would like to work with us to develop our Spiritual Growth.). 

Further Recordings With Sleeping People

included a number of conversations I have had with sleeping people. Many 
people have heard about Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC), but 
relatively few know that people who are sleeping can actually communicate 
with other humans who are awake.
The purpose of this book is twofold: 
First, to give the reader a better idea of what a sleeping person is 
experiencing while they are sleeping and talking to me.
Secondly to provide some degree of proof that the person I am talking 
to is actually the person who they say they are.

Book 5

People who knew Jesus before and after his crucifixion

This book is based upon ITC (Instrumental Trans
Communication) conversations with Jesus, and those people
who knew, observed and worked with him during his teaching
lifetime, and for some of them, continuing association after
his recovery from the Cross. This includes his Mother Mary,
Mary Magdalene, his first Essene Teacher Suddi, his Uncle
Joseph, and his Niece Naomi.
Today, many people are aware that Near Death Experiences
are well known, documented and accepted throughout the
The recovery of Jesus from the cross is what we humans

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