About Clive Siegner

Clive Siegner has been involved in ITC work for just over ten years. He was born in London, Ontario and he currently lives in Tavistock, Ontario. His parents were both born in Tavistock, Ontario. His father was a linotype operator at the London Free Press and his mother worked at Labatts.

After graduating from high school, Clive started work in the Actuarial Department of an insurance company. Being very good in Mathematics and English, Clive was a perfect fit for his position at the Company.

Clive wanted to know the truth about our existence. However, Clive was determined that whatever he learned needed to be scientifically proven. Thus began his search for scientifically proven information.

Shortly afterwards, Clive began his research into the paranormal, particularly from a scientific point of view. After many years of research, including the work being done by frontier science, channeling from psychics, past life hypnotic regressions, energy healing and working with a pendulum, Clive’s spiritual growth grew exponentially. Clive now firmly believes that we are all Spirits having a human experience.

Clive is the author of five books: Whose Program Are You Running, Recording Conversations With Spirits, Recording Conversations With Oclamenta (The Extraterrestrial), Further Conversations with Sleeping People and People who knew Jesus before and after his crucifixion.

Clive is well versed in Reconnective Healing, and is also a practitioner of PsychK, a method of easily changing unwanted subconscious programs.

Clive can be reached at cawsiegner@hotmail.com