An excerpt from my upcoming book


In my previous book Recording Conversations With Spirits, I talked about some of my ITC recordings with sleeping people. In this book, I intend to broaden the scope of the answers I have received to include more about what a sleeping persons experiences while talking to me, while they are sleeping.


Here are a couple of examples:


  1. To me, asking a sleeping person a specific question without knowing what the answer could be and having them confirm that the answer is correct is a way of proving that I was actually talking to that person while he/she was sleeping.


For example, I asked a sleeping Sherrill Calder “what is the color of your first car” and she responds by saying “YELLOW”.


When I asked her if that answer was correct she responds “Yes it was     Yellow. A really sporty 1973 Firebird Trans Am in a beautiful shade of Buttercup Yellow”


  1. A friend of mine named Carl has cancer and at the time of my recording, he was taking chemotherapy to cure the disease. On that date, which was late December 2019, Carl told me that he is never without pain.


That same evening at approximately 2:00 AM I was able to contact him while he was sleeping. I then asked him “if he was in pain at that time” and he said “NO”. This tells us that while we are sleeping we are unaware of any pain our human body is experiencing.